International Police Check Application Process

Before You Start

  • You must be 18 years or over to apply.
  • You need to provide a scan copy of your passport to apply.
    • Please note that for all UNITED KINGDOM applications, proof of address will be required to be uploaded in addition to a copy of your passport, in the form of a utility bill or bank statement.
  • You will require a photo of yourself holding a commencement of identity document:
    • this can be completed by webcam during the application procedure, or
    • you can upload a photo of you holding this document
  • A credit card to pay for your police check

Note – not suitable for visa and immigration purposes

  • Our international police checks are suitable for background screening, for example employment and rental checks, not for visa and immigration purposes. Some organisations have specific requirements for international police check certificates, so we recommend checking these requirements before you proceed.