Police Check Application Process

Before You Start

  • You must be 18 years or over to apply.
  • You can verify your documents online
  • You will require a photo of yourself holding a commencement of identity document:
    • this can be completed by webcam during the application procedure, or
    • you can upload a photo of you holding this document
  • A credit card to pay for your police check
  • You need to provide details of 4 identity documents to apply.

Avoid future Identification Checks

  • To avoid ongoing Identification and application processes for 10 years, you can select Auto Renewal on the Choosing the Right Product Page.
  • For future checks we will simply send you an email with a check box for your consent!

*An initial account set up fee of $100 applies to Auto renweing Check plans. We need to sight your ID documents face-to-face. We will arrange an accredited agent to visit you at home or a place of your choosing to check your original ID documents and take a photo of you.